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Learning in partnership

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Sir Eric Woodward School engages a specialist music teacher, who is generously funded through SEWS P&C.

Music lessons can address a number of sensory needs for our students as it provides concrete, multi-sensory stimulation (auditory, visual, and tactile). Music lessons support the development of skills such as:

  • active, improvised music making (using both instruments and voice)
  • release and exploration of emotions
  • listening
  • non-verbal and verbal communication
  • use of both gross and fine motor movements
  • sequential memory and recall of information
  • self-management of behaviour
  • verbal discussion

Music Wednesday is an intiative of online learning and we have continued our Music Wednesday sessions to join our F2F classes and our DESU students in a fun while school approach to engaging in Music.

In addition, SEWS now offers Tacpac as part of the music program. Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music to help communication and social skills. To find out more go to Tacpac