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For parents and carers

Request for externally funded service providers

Parents and/or carers may request that externally funded (including NDIS) service providers, which support the educational goals for your child, deliver services to students in school. For example, specialised external service providers may include counsellors, speech pathology, physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy.

There are 4 key steps for parents and carers who seek to have NDIS-funded services delivered in school:

  1. Written request to school
  2. Meet with school staff to discuss details
  3. Approval by Principal (if appropriate)
  4. Service agreement

For more information please go to externally funded service providers

Health Care Plans

Sir Eric Woodward School caters for students with medical and complex health care needs, and adheres to the Department of Education’s policy and procedures in relation to individual health care planning. For more information about this process, please refer to the DoE Website, under Individual Health Care planning

Administering medication

Parents/carers of children who require prescribed and non-prescribed medication to be administered at school must complete a written request to the school. A link to the request document and more information can be found on the DoE website, under Administering medication.

Personalised learning and support

Personalised learning and support is a process that supports a wide range of students with additional learning and support needs. For more information, please see the DoE website under Personalised learning and support.