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About our school

Sir Eric Woodward School (SEWS) is a NSW public school committed to quality education for students with a disability. SEWS supports students with autism spectrum disorder and/or moderate to severe physical and intellectual disabilities, complex health conditions, and sensory impairment. We offer both distance education (DE) and face to face (F2F) enrolment streams.

SEWS is a Department of Education (DoE) school located in the Sydney suburb of St Ives. The school has a close relationship with its local Northen Sydney community, with community groups supporting a number of school initiatives and funding of resources.

The school operates face-to-face and distance education classes. SEWS provides quality education with face-to-face classes for students K-12 with moderate to severe intellectual disability, physical disability and complex medical conditions, and K-6 classes for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The distance education support unit (DESU) enrols students with a moderate or severe intellectual disability P-12 who meet the DE enrolment criteria.

The school provides syllabus outcome-based educational programs using the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) K-6 and Life Skills syllabuses. All students have a personalised learning plan. SEWS believes that all students have the ability to further develop cognitively, physically and socially through quality, diverse and authentic educational programs.

The school’s student-centred approach provides ‘best practice’ for greater student autonomy, access, participation and achievement through a rich and diverse curriculum, and quality teaching and learning opportunities for all abilities.

Student learning and support is paramount. Parent, carer and tutor relationships are fostered to provide for optimal student engagement and learning. SEWS’s teaching staff are experienced in special education, dedicated to quality education, and to meeting the additional needs of SEWS students. The school features a variety of well-equipped indoor learning areas including a sensory room and a heated hydrotherapy pool. The school grounds feature inclusive play and learning areas, and includes an Indigenous garden of local edible plants.

SEWS offers a variety of specialised programs, services and environments to support student learning. SEWS is committed to the learning and support of all of our students. With a dedicated staff, strong community connections, high expectations and personalised learning, SEWS recognises and celebrates individual ability and success.