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School uniform

Sir Eric Woodward School students in face to face classes are required to wear school uniform. Our school uniform gives our students a distinct identity particularly when they are on excursions and when out in the community.

The school uniform consists of a white short sleeve polo shirt and dark navy blue shorts for summer, and a white long sleeve polo shirt or skivvy and dark navy blue tracksuit for winter.

The school stocks the uniform in a variety of sizes which have the Sir Eric Woodward School logo imprinted on them (see attached pricing form). The items of clothing without logo are readily available from stores such as Big W and Lowes and are reasonably priced.

It would be appreciated if all items of school uniform could be labelled clearly with the student’s name.

Summer uniform

  • White short sleeve polo shirt
  • Dark navy blue knit or drill shorts
  • Dark navy blue hats (either legionnaires or broad brimmed variety)
  • School backpacks

Winter uniform

  • White/navy skivvy or long sleeve polo shirt
  • Dark navy blue tracksuit with zip jacket
  • Dark navy blue jumper
  • School backpacks

Uniform pricelist

Summer uniform

  • White shirt with collar (short sleeve): $10
  • Navy shirt with collar (short sleeve, size 4-16 yrs): $16
  • Navy shirt with collar (short sleeve, size S/M/L): $19
  • Navy summer shorts (Size 4 -16 yrs): $12
  • Navy summer shorts (Size S/M/L): $15

Winter uniform

  • White polo shirt (long sleeve) (Size 4 -16 yrs): $10 
  • Navy polo shirt (long sleeve) (Size 4 -16 yrs): $18
  • White polo shirt (long sleeve) (Size S/M/L): $10
  • Navy front zip fleecy top  (Size 4 -16 yrs): $24
  • Navy front zip fleecy top (Size S/M/L): $30
  • Navy fleecy tracksuit (Size 4 -16 yrs): $16
  • Navy fleecy tracksuit (Size S/M/L): $22


  • Navy hats - broad brim (one size fits all): $11
  • Navy legionnaires hat (one size fits all): $5
  • Adventurer back pack: $32
  • Library bag: $6
  • Cravat: $10